Have a retail or office space?

Do you own/maintain an industrial facility?

We work with building/business owners, engineering, property managers, and general contractors on all repairs, remodeling, and new installations.

Lighting issues?  We can repair/replace most existing lighting and, in most cases ,make you more energy efficient. There are great occupancy/vacancy sensors that can be installed to regulate your lighting, lower your energy costs, and keep the lights on only where people are located.  We’ve repaired existing equipment and completed entire factory replacement of fixtures to get energy rebates from ComEd.

New equipment that you need to have connected?  Printers, HVAC units, modular wall wiring, computer cables we are here to get you up and running.  Punch presses, grinders, exhaust systems, CNC’s, and any other equipment that you can think of we’d be happy to stop out and quote any installations.

Do you have underground wiring on your property that stopped working?  We can trace the wiring, locate a broken connection (down to 36” underground), and make repairs at a fraction of the cost of installing new wiring.

Is it an emergency?  We have 24hr. emergency service to keep your business up and running including providing temporary back-up generator power. (Emergency rates apply)

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